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Probably a capital city ruling over a confederacy of neighbouring states, Chichen Itza was one of the great Mesoamerican cities and remains today one of the most popular tourist sites in Mexico.The name Chichen Itza probably derives from a large sinkhole known as the Sacred Cenote or 'mouth of the well of the Itza' into which the Maya threw offerings of jade and gold, and as the presence of bones testifies, human sacrifices.

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The earliest, in the south, is native Maya dating to the Epiclassic period (c.That Chichen Itza was a thriving trade centre with a port at Isla Cerritos is evidenced by finds of goods from elsewhere in Central America, for example, turquoise from the north, gold disks from the south, and obsidian from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.The cultivation of cacao is known, and the city may have controlled the lucrative salt beds on the nearby northern coast.These galleries never get old to me because they contain an astonishing range of art in terms of both time and space.From ancient Peruvian featherwork textiles to contemporary Venezuelan political paintings, the art in these galleries is a diverse representation of many Latin American cultures, and it’s nearly impossible to absorb it all in just one visit.800-1000 CE) with buildings displaying the distinct ' Puuc' architectural style and Maya hieroglyphs.


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