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Customers using Productivity Tools with Outlook 2016 should install the latest version of Productivity Tools; otherwise, the changes in Outlook 2016 will cause the older version of Productivity Tools to send the host email invitation template to attendees.

If a host who is using Microsoft Outlook 2016 version edits meetings that were created with other supported Windows versions of Microsoft Outlook in Web Ex Productivity Tools version WBS or later, because Microsoft Outlook 2016 is limited to only one email template, a new email template will be generated with new content based on the single unified email template for both host and attendees If a user schedules a meeting in Microsoft Outlook 2016, and then later, that user or a user who is scheduling meetings on behalf of the first user edits that meeting using Microsoft Outlook 2013, the meeting email invitation will show the Web Ex information for both the original meeting and the edited meeting.

This option adds a link to the macro on your computer to your bookmarks.

" that will require you to click through to load the settings.

Although the Windows version of Web Ex Productivity Tools supports Microsoft Outlook 2016 as of version WBS30.3 and WBS, due to changes in Microsoft Outlook 2016, Productivity Tools supports only one email invitation template for all meetings, including CMR Hybrid meetings, Web Ex-only, Personal Conference, and Audio-only meetings.

The Windows version of Productivity Tools for Microsoft Outlook 2013 or earlier will still support two email invitation templates (one for attendees, and one for hosts, which include the host key and host access codes).

The Mac version of Productivity Tools has always supported only one email template for all supported versions of Microsoft Outlook.


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