Dating radiologist

Anah, who was in charge of calibrating the machines, has admitted to "inadmissible negligence" related to the installation of the new machines, as well as in the training of technicians using them.The prosecutor had not argued for the two doctors to be convicted of manslaughter but the court still upheld that charge.This document makes recommendations for ultrasound training in a broad range of areas to help ensure that ultrasound training is of the same high standard for both medical non-radiologists and radiologists.

At least 24 people treated between May 2004 and August 2005 received 20 per cent more radiation than recommended due to a calibration error linked to the introduction of new machines in 2004.

Human error also led to 424 other prostate cancer patients being administered with overdoses of between eight and 10 per cent between 20.

The mistakes were made in the calculation of the doses as previous treatments were not correctly taken into account.

He said a small mass was most likely a small lymph node and did not order follow-up tests.

But 14 months later, the woman was urgently re-referred to the hospital by the same GP with the same symptoms and extreme pain.


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