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There she would begin over a decade of service to the islands, running as second ship to the Rozel (ex-St Edmund) between 19 and the Beauport (ex-Prince of Fundy, Reine Mathilde) from 1992 to 1993.

When BCIF was taken over by rivals Condor/Commodore in 1994 she operated in support of the car-carrying catamarans until the arrival of the new Commodore Clipper in late 1999, after which she was laid up.

The Sveti Stefan of Montenegro Lines, originally Brittany Ferries’ Cornouailles of 1977, this afternoon arrived off Aliaga in Turkey prior to being scrapped.

The ship had been ordered by Brittany Ferries from the Trondheim Mekaniske Værksted following the company’s earlier charter of the Prince de Bretagne (ex-Falster, later Vega), which had been delivered by the Norwegian shipyard two years earlier.

It patently was not.”He added: “It couldn’t have been more different to Jeremy Corbyn – who flannelled under pressure and couldn’t get past 30 years of words and deeds that put him on the wrong side of the British people.” over the party’s approach to the benefits freeze when Labour launched its manifesto earlier this month, with senior figures finally drawing a line under it by admitting it would cost too much to end the lock – due to run until 2020.

But asked by Paxman on Monday if he would freeze benefits, as currently planned by the Conservative Government, Mr Corbyn said: “Benefits will be paid of course.

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