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The on-screen partners wore matching clothes and appeared to be very comfortable in each other’s company.The Packed To The Rafters star also posed with other guests, including the stars of reality TV show Seven Year Switch.Here’s all that news and more from this week in entertainment.Read more A scorned celebrity got ugly in public, a pop star started her comeback, a quip became a quagmire, an actor held out for equality and a disability group condemned a casting choice.*/ div.yop-poll-answers-1147_yp598e64801db40 ul li.yop-poll-li-answer-1147_yp598e64801db40 label /* Actual text label of the answer */ div.yop-poll-answers-1147_yp598e64801db40 ul li.yop-poll-li-answer-1147_yp598e64801db40 label:nth-of-type(2) /* Custom answer / Other ..................................Police say Justin Bieber will not be charged for accidentally hitting a celebrity photographer with his pickup last month. Elisabeth Albanese said Thursday that investigators had determined there were no violations by either Bieber or the photographer and no citations will be issued.If you persist in being married for going on 29 years, like Tom and Rita, then those who have mastered the shady art of driving a premature wedge between otherwise devoted duos may just have to apologize.Another favorite subject of the "are they splitting?

Series two saw the return of Joey Essex who broke the rules in the first series when he started dating a celebrity on the show.Perhaps you'll continue to see this other person, enough so that you'll be considered a "couple." Maybe, you'll even marry that person. Because to be a famous person in a relationship is to be someone who, at some point, will be the subject of a breakup rumor.The proof that no one is safe came in October, when the after they secured an actual apology from the tabloid over a story in its Oct.Bieber struck the 57-year-old paparazzo in Beverly Hills after leaving an event July 26.Read more A pop-culture convention takes over, a rock star dies, two producers ask that you give them a minute, a singer says he didn’t do it and a familiar face gets his job back.10, 2016, issue claimed the actors were divorcing."We gave a statement that our marriage is really sacred to us," Wilson said, "and it was just getting unacceptable." Hanks added, "If we do something stupid in public, go ahead, do that; don't make up this nonsense! But as Wilson inferred when she mentioned "a certain point"—to be half of a famous couple is to forever be on the radar of someone waiting for you to split up.


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